Saturday, 24 May 2014

Stitching News

Rose announced that she had finished the quilting and proudly held up her quilt. A beautiful and traditional design that never fails to please. While Rose has been making this Log Cabin quilt, lots of people have decided that they also want to make one. Time for Rose to trim the crusts off... 
Yes! but NO... she started something new!
Giggly Gillian enjoys hand stitching. In one of her magazines there was a cushion made with Cathedral Windows. She purchased the fabric to make one for her very own self... but, after studying the magazine instructions, we decided that there was a much better technic that used less fabric! I demonstrated it... and Gillian got started!
Shirley Lerly has been bitten with the Dresden Plate Cushion bug...
Aren't they lovely, fresh and summery!
I have discovered a very simple way to put a zip in to a cushion back, and, after completing her first, I think Lerly agreed as there will be 4 in this set.
New Sue also proudly announced that her quilting was now finished. Beautiful!
Sue's making this as a wedding gift using a Jelly Roll. The idea came from a book called 'Seamingly Scrappy' .. a great book with lovely ideas, evidently! 

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SewLittleToSay said...

I'm interested to learn more about your fabric-saving technique for Cathedral Windows. Do you have a link you could share?