Thursday, 29 May 2014

Princess Jackie's Appliqué

Princess Jackie finished her flowers, woooohoooo! All the embroidery bits are finished too... this top is ready to be sandwiched for quilting. Jackie always does the most beautiful appliqué and this time is no exception. The rich blue background fabric is 100% cotton... from my very own quilt shop, as is the flower stem fabric... did I mention that I have a lovely little quilt shop? maybe I did....

All of the other fabrics are silk... (Internet Silk, have you heard of it?) I know the quilt top looks lovely in my photograph but, in real life, standing right next to it.... I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous the flowers are. The silk fabric catches the light in a fabulous way... oh I'm gushing, gushing and more gushing... I don't know the right words to describe how lovely these flowers are... When the quilt is finished, I'll try to take a few closer pictures for you, there's a lot of tiny detail to drool over too!

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