Friday, 30 May 2014

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara moved on to her new project. She'd started the cutting at home so during her stitching fun day she made up quite a few blocks and was very pleased with herself. These are very easy blocks to make and don't need a special ruler at all, though there is one out there telling you that you do
Josie purchased these purple fabrics last week... she's also been playing at home and brought in her Half Square Triangles already chopped up! By the end of her afternoon, all these blocks and more were ready to be stitched together. The pattern for this quilt can be found by clicking here
Sheila spent the whole, whole day stitching... in confusion.... She had attended the workshop recently, with Dawn Cameron-Dick, but finished her day thoroughly confused... as did lot's of others! It's been tricky sorting ladies with their Feathered Stars, what with the template being the wrong size and the triangle making method... I think, by now, I know how to make them... well... after correcting so many! So, I was able to help Sheila... she went home happy but left the pattern with me... as she has 
"No Intention of ever making another!" ha ha ha
Stephanie Iceland popped in to my very own quilt shop... she had a very smart bag to show to us and was wearing a rather dashing purple coat to complete the combo. Fabulous and finished... I think she deserves a Toot toot toot!

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