Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stitching News

Sue, one who loves to wander round my very own quilt shop soaking up the lovely atmosphere and looking at the wonderful works being created in the classroom, always leaves with a bundle of fabric and a head full of inspiration... This is the completed top of her kiddy play mat (quilt) made with one of our handy little pre-cut 6" square packs.
Damm Julie was getting very creative... she started the day joining hexagons by machine, it's easy enough to do and needs great accuracy. They were to be the backing on her Fairy quilt... by mid-day, Julie had decided to use two strips of Hexagons with squares of fabric either side... it will look lovely! 
Di Butterfly finished sashing her quilt centre. Lovely. There's going to be one more border, you can just about see the striped fabric there in the left corner. Di's going to put the four blue fabrics as corner stones too. The little labels can come off now but they were very necessary for her during the piecing process
Jeannette Dilly sandwiched and quilted her centre block. This woven design caught the attention of lots of people judging be my 'In Box'. The quilt Dilly is making is going to be amazing... it has a few of us taxing our brains as we are making it up as we go... exciting!
Toot toot toot, Brenda Barbara finished her two heart cushions...
 made with the Twister Template... for the tutorial 'how to' click here
It's very satisfying to make cushions with zips you know, Ask Brenda!
Dotty treated herself to a new bag pattern and made it up from upholstery fabric...
She says every time she makes a bag, people ask her what pattern she used, so she decided to make a tell tale label to attach to her bag... clever huh!

 It looks every so complex though.
Dotty has always enjoyed making bags... this one has a lot of foldy-fun involved. It's a strange shape not looking too practical really but we decided it would be good to keep an umbrella in the bottom... but you might not be able to get it out!
My Mum Gwynneth finished the Makower Advent panel... taaa daaa She quilted round individual baubles and socks with metallic gold thread to give them a little definition. We have the panels in my very own quilt shop, should you fancy making one for your very own family... Oooooher, it's getting closer to sewing prevention season... oh joy !
This is Dotty's appliqué Witch, remember I was telling you about it last week...
I said it was beautiful but the witch was not beautiful... now you can see what I mean...
Sporty Sue spent her Friday Quilt Club day making June... the very last month of the twelve needed to complete her quilted calendar... such a smarty pants, I've been making my months for two years and still have 5 months to go!
Little Annette came to play. She had quilted all the panels to make a tote bag... like the one she made at Sue's workshop a while ago... a little too long ago to remember it all so she needed a little help to put it together. Between us all, we cracked it... just handles to make now.
Lot's of catch up in this post. I ordered a lot of rain showers and not too much sunshine for this Bank Holiday weekend... I apologise if that spoils your very own plans... but I WANT TO SEW!!

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