Monday, 19 May 2014

Friday Quilt Club

Friday Quilt Club is a little different from our other classroom days, with hours from 10am to 3pm.  You don't have to be a member to come but you do have to book in advance. It's a very relaxed day of stitching, usually working on your own project and we can help, should you need assistance. 
You won't believe the subjects of conversation that crop up... jam and bread making, vet bills, weather... of course, we are mostly British... so we discuss the weather! Then there's the subject that I must call 'the joys of ageing'... what a hoot that always turns out to be! 

Joan The Shop continues to work on her Snowman Collector blocks. She's decided to add a little wadding under lots of the appliquéd pieces now... Joan had started off putting wadding only under the white snow bits...
This is block number 12, it was made a little out of sequence because Joan wanted the last pattern in the set of 12 as it had the instructions for sewing the blocks together with the sashing squares... aren't they cute blocks!
Chatty Cathy came to play. She usually goes to Caverswall Quilters on Wednesdays but we took over the hall last Wednesday for the Simon Henry workshop... no problem for Cathy, she knew exactly what to do and booked a Friday Quilt Club day instead. We helped her sort out a few little hic-cups with her Lone Star segments... she went home all inspired to continue!
We had Dotty join us too, she's making a beautiful Witch appliqué... not that we could call her witch beautiful! I will get a picture next time.
My Mum Gwynneth finished her little Christmas Stocking bunting so she'll start making one of our new Advent Calendar panels next, at the same time quilting for Linus and making her diamond quilt... busy eh!

It was Malvern Quilt Show this weekend, did you go?
My very own shop was ever so quiet. I had time to think and ponder, sort and move. There are lot's of new fabrics due in this coming week... I noticed that all my trolleys are full, all of my shelves are space free (that means FULL) so I took up my pen and reduced a lot of fabrics, mostly Christmas fabrics really... but they have to go... more new festive stuff is on it's way and I need the shelves to display them on!

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