Thursday 27 August 2015


A huge delivery came... fabrics galore, all Art Gallery and delicious! as usual and a few bargains to boot. Patterns for all sorts of bags, mostly from Lazy Girl Designs... especially another bumper order of the fabulously and fun to make, Bendy Bags.
I made this bag last weekend and BOY am I ever so chuffed with it... gathered fabric sides and a zip 'inserted' both on the outside and the inside, with magnetic poppers and, and, and... I love it... I've been showing it off to all shop visitors...
ooooher such excitement!
See... I showed off my lovely new bag to My Mum Gwynneth...
Straight to the fabric shelves she went... the ones in my very own shop!!
 Lets give out a toot toot toot shall we... it is a fabulous and finished project!!
More of these patterns came in that bumper order too.

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