Wednesday 12 August 2015

Linus Blocks For 2016

Jean Bean delivered lots and lots of house blocks to the Linus stand... once she found where they had hidden it that is. Lots of us never found it and wonder why it isn't easier to find... like, maybe at the entrance or near to the picnic area?
Anyway... the Linus folk were very impressed with Jean's Piles, especially Jean's very own tree house block.
Whilst delivering the blocks, Jean enquired about the subject for next year's blocks... The Seaside.
Sailing boats and Beach Hut patterns were given out and I thought I would help Jean by encouraging you to make a block or two by showing you the patterns.
Just like this year, we will happily take your block(s) for you if you are not actually going to the Festival Of Quilts next year...
By the way... the coach has been booked for our annual Pilgrimage on Sunday 14th August. £25.00 includes your entrance ticket, a £15.00 deposit will reserve your place... Bookings now being taken... ha ha ha... there's loads of time yet but I wanted you to know how very organised I have been today.

So... will you make a Beach Hut or a Boat? or will you have another brilliant idea?

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