Tuesday 18 August 2015

Stitching News

Farmer Lynda's elephant is done... there's a sunshine to be blanket stitched and a few tufts of grass are already stuck in place... it's looking really good.
Opposite you can see Sister Susie is quilting her applique cushion
Fiona Too was also stitching applique...
It seems everyone on this group of tables was concentrating on applique...
They were soooo quiet! Usually they're a chatty bunch... quite funny!
All Day Di has the front page of her Farmer Joe's Farm Book almost finished now. My Mum Gwynneth says that the front page is the most tricky one to do, so it will be plain sailing for Di from here forward
Our Sheila finished her little Mat and Ruler bag... it's been made for the 12" x 18" size mat. Di Butterfly made one too... Don't worry, Sheila will not be balancing an iron on the top there!! Toot toot toot Sheila, a fabulous finish.
Just Edna was making Festive Placemats. What a great idea to use decorative stitches like that and what a great idea for gifting!! all of the bindings were stitched on lick-etty-split and Edna moved on to her lovely, rich red project.
Susan came to play! She's been stitching up a storm recently... this is a bottle bag... great for gifting bottles... what a clever way to make the handle?... very effective and making a simple bottle into an even more special present.
Sandwich Wraps! I love them...
No need for cling film if you're a friend of Susan...
These fabulous stitched wrappers will keep your 'butties' fresh all day long.
All these were made in only a couple of hours... toot toot toot
Also from Susan... a Bendy Bag!
Proof that they can be made in an hour.
It's fabulous and finished ... toot toot toot.
Bendy Bag patterns are back in stock too!

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