Monday 10 August 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Let's get started with the trumpets...
Princess Jackie, our firt prize winning, applique wall hanging artist, has finished her Log Cabin Santa... very neat work and an extremely loveabubble festive wall treat!! toot toot toot Jackie, it's finished and fabulous... just in case you might be wondering... yes I do stock that perfectly perfect quilt hanger in my very own shop!
"Toot toot tooting" now for Gail with her fabulously festive and finished table runner... see the quirky little movement Gail made just by changing the feet positions on some of her santa's boots. Of course we might be seeing more of these runners now that Gail made it look so easy!!

Krafty Karen is back with us... I love how people miss our classes when they just can't get to them!! This dark side is quite addictive...ha! Karen continued working on her beautiful Batik gifting cushions... next week (Tomorrow actually) we will be stitching the zips into the cushion backs... with my super easy method.
Princess Jackie is working on another beauty...
The book she's using, as is Anbacan, is Welcome To The North Pole
such lovely ideas for quirky, fun applique.
See this... Gail is now an expert with applique too...
There's a super stocking being blanket stitched here using one of the Kid's Quilt patterns... which,   along with lots of others, are back in stock... as I write!
Aha... now you'll know how far behind I am with posts from my classroom... these blocks with applique houses were being stitched by our Jean Bean ready to be donated to the Linus stand at the Festival Of Quilt next week... which we went to yesterday!

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