Tuesday 4 August 2015

Paper Piecing

I always find teaching Foundation Paper Piecing tricky. It's hard to get your head round how it works in the beginning and, I guess, I am not very good at explaining how we do it successfully...
That said, I did a great job on Saturday at the O Christmas Tree, Paper Piecing workshop!!! Even if I do say so for my very own self!! ha ha ha

Just the introduction of a long piece of cardboard made it easy... really easy! Not only easy but way more accurate and a lot faster to do.
I like the 'Add An Inch' ruler but it is not a necessity as any ruler will do, so long as it's easy to see the markings.
Dilly and Milly had a great workshop and now know well how to do Foundation Paper Piecing...
Look... Dilly went home and finished all of her baubles... she sent a picture, thank you Dilly!,

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