Sunday 23 August 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Our first Fabulous and finished fanfare will be toot toot tooted for Brenda Barbara's quilt. I'm hoping you notice the binding with the striped fabric cupping those corners... how very artsy-fartsy is that!! I love it.
Brenda is donating this lovely quilt to a fundraising event.
The second Toot toot toot is for Lady Judith's fabulous and finished, super sized quilt... I can't believe she's finished it actually...
I'm thinking Judith never slept a wink for two weeks...
This is the back of Lady Judith's quilt... you can see she quilted diagonally first of all then added a few hearts and kisses... perfect for a wedding gift, isn't it. Congratulations for finishing your quilt marathon just in time Judith... She took it straight to the Post Office for it's special delivery!
My Mum Gwynneth has finished all of the embellishing quilting on her lovely wall hanging leaves and flowers. Now she can add the backing fabric and do the more simpler-er quilting... and believe me... that is a relief to her! ha ha ha
Lou Lou made her border design plans...
There's going to be two inner borders, one blue and one yellow... then a million little 4-Patch units will be joining them. Here Lou Lou is pinning her first border AFTER measuring it through the centre of her quilt top!
PM Pam needed to spread out her blocks, for a few reasons...
1... to see how the 'On-Point' setting will work.
2... to get a good, even spread of lights, mediums and darks
3... to show us how fabulous and easy this design is
and 4.... to make me want one too!!!

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