Thursday 13 August 2015

Stitching News

Peggy is making good progress with her Log Cabin blocks. This is a great way to show off novelty fabrics and you only need 6 blocks and border to make a kiddy play mat sized project that looks like a quilt!
Di Butterfly is making a Mat and Ruler Bag following the instructions in my free tutorial... she changed the measurements though as this bag will be for her smaller mat, I think it's 12" x 18". Three perfectly pieced 6" blocks make up the ruler pocket.
Brenda Barbara finished her wallhanging/lap  size quilt top... isn't it great! Brenda will be donating this quilt to a fundraising event. Just at the end of class Brenda was able to make a sandwich so she can crack on with the quilting.
Farmer Lynda is in love with her elephant project... and no wonder!!
There's a little more blanket stitching to be done then it will be sandwich time. The original pattern required the elephant to be built from many patched fabrics but Lynda pleased her very own self and used just the one... love it!
All Day Di is making great progress on her Farmer Joe's Quiet book...
which, by the way, is back in stock along with a few new Kids Quilts patterns.
She says she's enjoying the sticky stuff and blanket stitch way of doing applique...
most of all of us do too.
Our Sheila made another Bendy Bag... this one will be used as an emergency sewing kit for a young fellow off to University... what a great idea...
Sheila had attended the two Sue's Sewing Bee workshops recently so she had all the skills to aid the production of the little sewing accessories.
By the way again... Bendy Bags are back in stock!!
Sister Susie also enjoyed the stick stuff and blanket stitch applique method for making this cushion panel. She made a sandwich, but you could have guessed that from the picture!! All pinned and ready for quilting.
Sam came to learn the basics of patchwork and quilting. She did a great job and is ready to add borders next time. These fabrics are from Sam's very own stash... she's been collecting for a while!
Lou Lou had to make important decisions... to be square? or not to be square?... eventually she decided to make three more fabulous Churndash blocks, one more row gives a rectangle... Not to be square won!!
Me, my very own self, made some new mug coasters for my classroom...
the old ones are there on the right at the bottom...
my goodness they were looking tired.
I'm always picking them up to use to test sewing machine stitches...
 they are most handy for that job! ha ha ha
Oh yes, they are fabulous and they are finished toot toot toot! ha ha ha
Brenda Duck popped in to purchase a few things, including fabric.
She's doing great with her health issues and wanted us to know that!
Fabulous news... Brenda also thought we would like to know that she's been stitching away at home... toot toot toot Brenda, two fabulous and finished projects!
Lady Judith made her massive quilt sandwich on Saturday...
It's so large that we had to pin it in two stages...
so much for only making small quilts from now on eh...
Now to quilt it!

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