Sunday 30 August 2015

Stitching News

Peggy spied the opportunity of spare tables and made a quilt sandwich.
This is another quilt that Peggy will donate to the Donna Louise Children's Hospice. So, over the holiday weekend, let's hope Peggy gets a little stitching time...
I love the fabric choices!!
Di Butterfly is getting ahead for sewing prevention season... This Christmas Nancy Halvorsen panel makes a lovely wall hanging and carefully quilted with metallic thread, as Di is doing... gives it little extra gorgeous-ness! 
Steph arrived for class with her two, very different, gifting quilts almost finished. Both just needed the 'crust' trimming off and binding making. She's already choosing her next project... my goodness this lady is seriously bitten with the quilting bug... hurray!!
Josie had purchased a new book so a new project was to be started. First of all the background needed to be made up of various fabrics, so that meant a little 'shopping'... soon sorted, Josie got to the cutting. Laying each piece onto the wadding is a good way of keeping track of your progress.
All Day Di was in very high spirits all day!
She is cracking on with her fabulous Farmer Joe's Farm Book and, she said so for her very own self... it IS getting easier to be accurate with the Blanket Stitching!
Merrily made a sandwich with the final third of her latest memory quilt. This one is for her Grand-Daughter... Merrily is a perfect advert for the advantages of apartment quilting... she makes huge quilts but never needs to stress about that!
Last week Di Butterfly finished her smaller sized Mat and Ruler Bag, but she whizzed off home before I snapped a photo for you. She had used the opportunity to make three blocks that she'd never made before to make the ruler pocket... a great idea! This week though, I caught this picture of Di's House Boy/Chauffeur as he helped her pack up at home time... Look at that pose....The man's a natural!! ha ha ha

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