Saturday 8 August 2015

Stitching News

Lady Judith started adding border stips to her latest quilt top... She had declared that she wanted to make smaller quilts... I'm not sure what happened but this doesn't look small to me! Almost all of those colourful squares are Art Gallery fabrics, just lovely. 
My Mum Gwynneth has all four of her quilted centre units stitched together and has started to add the borders... it's all coming together nicely... and it's growing!!
Brenda Barbara is making this quilt to help in a fundraising event.
All the rows are now stitched ready for the background fabric to be added...
Brenda chose a perfectly purple, purple!
We have another new quilter... This cushion project is great for 'having a dabble'. When people first come to learn about patchwork and quilting, they want to know everything... a quick project gives a great taste of the basics and, evidently... just enough to bring them to the dark side!!!
Sister Sue did homework! She must be enjoying applique because she came to class with almost all of the blanket stitching finished... This is going to be a cushion front and Susie made a sandwich before she went home. Time to quilt it.
Jean Bean is still making fabulous house blocks ready to deliver to the Linus Stand at the Festival Of Quilts tomorrow... you know... when we go for our annual pilgrimage!! They are going to love Jean's piles!!! She does have a large pile of house blocks to take as folk have been making and delivering them to Jean for weeks now. Thank you to everyone that participated.
All Day Di is making great progress on her Farmer Joe's Quiet Book
All of the applique pieces have been cut out so now she's sticking and skillfully stitching them onto the pages... and loving doing it! 
Margaret has a fabulous and finished, quilted cushion. It's taken a while because she was undoing everything that wasn't quite perfect... she came to her senses eventually though... nothing is perfect and it's much better to finish a project than to sweat about the small stuff!!
Toot toot toot Margaret
your first fanfare for your finished and fabulous first quilty project!

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