Friday 30 April 2010

Big Easy Bag

After "inventing" my very useful Mat & Ruler Bag I decided to "invent" another useful bag... one to carry your fabrics and things.... or your shop in some cases!!!
Yes, Joan the Shop comes to Forsbrook every week with her "shop" in plastic bags, sometimes a black bin liner!!!!!

This must stop, it doesn't look good for those who might be tempted to join us, he he he
Have you ever tried to make a bag without a pattern? It makes you appreciate all the effort that goes into those patterns you know.

So, using the same basic method as the Mat & Ruler bag I have managed to invent this prototype, I know now which bits need 'tweaking' so I have bag number 2 half way done too. If I am happy with that... I will show you how to make one.... should you wish to know.... if not... just skip past it, no problemo!


Birte said...

Hi Angie
Oh yes, I would like to know....
love Birte

Rhonda said...

Love this tote!!!

Rosália said...

Hello Angie

Eu gosto muito....é azul e muito útil e very beautiful. Será que sou capaz de fazer um? Gostava de tentar, posso contar com a tua ajuda?
I am writting in portuguese, as you will never forget us and our language!
Beijinhos from bluelady

Mandy said...

That is a lovely bag, I Would love to know how to make that.