Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Brilliant Idea?

OK, I have a brilliant idea that you might be happy to know about....
Do you have UFO's at home waiting to be made into sandwiches?
Do you often wish you didn't have to make your quilt sandwich by crawling round on the floor?
Do you put off quilting your project because you don't have space to make your sandwich?
Angie to the rescue...well sort of.... don't get too excited!!!
I'm not suggesting that I do it for you but what I can offer is the table top space.... If you don't want to come to spend a day having fun, stitching with fellow quilters but you would love to use our tables to make a sandwich... do it! !.....Come make your sandwiches at Caverswall Quilt Cave.
All you have to do is email, or call me, to tell me you how many tables you need so I can put them ready for you.
Is this not a brilliant idea????

"Quilt Cave Fun Days"... have been soooooo popular and very successful on Fridays.... I'm now able to offer ALL DAY SEWING on Wednesdays too. 10am - 3pm.
You bring whatever project you want to work on and if you need help I will try my very best to help you. Beginners are welcome, I'll always teach beginners.... we can never have too many quilters now can we!!!

Back to my chores now, I am feeling very proud of myself for coming up with such a brilliant idea, he he he

1 comment:

Gina said...

Great idea but I'm a bit too far away I'm afraid.
I am lucky though as my parents are the key holders for theit local chapel so when I need to lay a large quilt out I go in there and move the chairs so I'v got a nice bog surface to pin on.

Love and hugs Gina xxx