Saturday, 26 June 2010

Promoting Quilting

With blazing sun and humidity, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees... and we were standing out in it!! Are we not wonderful people???
Oh how we suffer for our art!!! ha ha ha
We were promoting SPQ, (Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilting) and the Quilt Guild of the British Isles (such a long title?) ... oh, and beginner classes starting up in Eccleshall very soon.
We sold 101 flags attempting to pin-point buried treasure on a quilt, we sold many quilts and fabric goodies... total for our efforts so far is....£255.85.. brilliant! this money will go to the quilt Museum in York... have you been there?....

It's is so much fun talking to people all day.... I asked many ladies if they had ever tried, or wanted to try, patchwork... lots of them had you know.... they told me that it used to be thought of as ... dare I say it??? "Old Fashioned!!!!" but it is so "IN" now... it could be the first time ever in my very own life that I have been " fashionabubble" ( I argue with my 'spell check' all the time, for goodness sakes it questions the word 'Bernina').......
I caught Dotty trying to get into the Mayors posh car!!!! OK, this is a set up but I do declare that she would have taken it for a spin had it not been locked!


Crafts @ Home said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun, those hats are fantastic, really gives it a sense of occasion,

Gina said...

Well done on the fund raising. It looked like you had a blast.
I'm up in Yorkshire in a few weeks so hopefully I'll get a chance to visit the museum while I'm there.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Unknown said...

Very cool, even if it was hot ;)

Congrats on raising funds for the quilt museum... It's in my home town so very impressed that people outside the city are fans of it. I've not been in a while. I went just after it opened and thought they didn't have enough on display. For a national museum I expected to see loads, but maybe that was early days. I want to go to some of their workshop days.

Agree with you about the fashion for patchwork. I saw a little girl wearing a patchwork dress yesterday which was adorable. It's all down to how it's done and great colours.

Emma x

Dottymo said...

taking it for a run !!!!!!!!!!!
i thought i had won first prize a new samll car.

We had a fantastic day, sore throat today.

it was all the result of Paula (the lady in centre position with the purple hat) who put up her hand at the Quilt Guild AGM.

Lets hope she does it again. Thanks also to the invisible quilters who helped incvluding pollyanna shop in Eccelshall.

it was