Friday, 4 June 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I know it's nothing like a 'cave' but I miss my quilt cave in Portugal, so I will have one here!! anyway, I like the way it sounds... "Caverswall Quilt Cave" don't you?
It was lovely, warm and sunny so we had the doors open ... we could hear tweety birds all day long, though some of them seem to have forgotten the tune!! either that or they stuck on the bit they liked, ha ha ha.
We had two new ladies today, Rachel and Barbie (real name Barbara but we would confuse that with our Brenda Barbara so we changed it, he he he)
Shirley Lerly had finished quilting the inner part of her quilt at home so we tackled the borders, decided on a design and Shirley spent her time marking out the design very accurately, that's the way she wanted to do it, it's her quilt!
Once Joan The Shop finished procrastinating she cracked on and made lots and lots of half square triangles ready for her Saw Tooth border, see the lovely pile on the left, perfect in every way..... the pile on the right however.... all for un-picking as one fabric was upside down, grrrrrrr! Joan always trims with pinking shears, it would drive me nuts having all those wavy edges! not my project though!
This is Barbie's Rail Fence quilt, made with strips of 2 1/2" instead of 2", it will be a baby quilt so much better a bit wider... That's not a telephone at the top of the picture, it's a gadget for holding the ruler secure, recommended for arthritis sufferers, 'twas soon abandoned though.
Rachel only came to visit really... she thought she might as well have a go... she borrowed a Bernina Aurora Baby, cutting equipment and some thread, bought fabric from our sale table and joined in... She decided that she liked it... bought all the equipment from the sale table and she's coming again next week!
I snooked (!) a photo of Barbie's skirt, obviously I have tipped the photo, she wasn't lying down! What fabulous fabric for a quilt!!! in fact... the patchwork's already done... a whole cloth springs to mind!.. he he he

We meet again in the Caverswall Quilt Cave next Friday, 10am - 3pm (but usually a bit more) on 11th June. You want to come? We have lots of room you know.

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks like a good time!! I think I need to book a Friday off and come and visit! :o)