Saturday, 12 June 2010

I Washed The Lot!

I'm going to do a quilt presentation for a group of local ladies on Monday evening. It's been booked for quite a few months now, since I did the one at Uttoxeter last September actually. So, today I washed all of my older quilts, dating back to my beginning in 1999... my very own antiques, he he he.
I bundled the quilts in to the washing machine with regular washing powder and crossed my fingers, 5 times! They're dry now and are all lovely and phooofy again. In between washes and quilt turning, I made two more blocks for the Portuguese Tiles. A very productive day all round, fabulous!


Shogun said...

I'll bet your yard looked pretty with all those quilts hanging outside.

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

This is the BEST kind of washing day! don't they all look lovely on the line!!

I do the same, just bung them in the machine, cold water, little bit of detergent and I always add a colour catcher to the load (just in case). A bit of air and sunshine on the line and then into the dryer with a conditioner sheet added. They always come out so lovely. I'm also very lucky to have a semi-industrial iron which has a blower under the pad so I can iron my quilts without actually having to press down on them, the iron just kind of puffs them up and the steam takes out any creases!

I'm having a lovely day quilting - is there any other way to have a lovely day?????

Happy Sewing!