Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Garden

I put a piece of paper over one of the kaleidoscope blocks so that I could draw the right shape and size, like a template, then I put tracing paper over the top of that and doodled away... once the tracing paper was full I changed it and doodled some more, until I was content. You can see how the final shape evolved... the 12 o'clock position was the first squiggle then go round anti-clockwise... the scribble on the right is practicing to get hand/eye co-ordination sorted out before I started the actual stitching.
Which colour thread to use... I almost went with mono filament.... but green won..... I'm quite chuffed, 'cause the quilting is done.... quilt's almost finished... I'll take the job of hand stitching my binding to the Alton Quilt group today, not that I get much done there, he he he.

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