Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jennie Rayment Workshop

More details, I've just spoken to Jennie Rayment about our workshop Twitch, Twiddle & Tweak on Friday 3rd September.... She has very kindly agreed to include one of her fabulous, side-splitting lectures at the end of our fun workshop hours, FANTASTIC eh! We get to see her stunning quilts!
This is a picture of the workshop project. It can be made from muslin or with coloured fabrics, it's your choice. The finished project size is approximately 28" square so it could be a cushion or a wall hanging... mine will be a wall hanging! I want to look at it and smile every day, he he he.
Jennie has complete muslin kits should you like to have everything prepared for you, they will need to be ordered in advance and cost £7 each.
Just e-mail me and I can order those for you, no problem.
I have 35 tables to play with, 14 are already booked. The cost will be £15 each.
To book just e-mail me. I will send you the requirements list and my phone number so you can call me if you want to, '(tis a scary world out there so I am afraid to post my number on t'internet! he he he) Have I missed anything.......?

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