Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Quilty Quarters

I'm happy to say that I am all caught up on my household duties, finally! It only takes a few busy days out to upset the balance.....most importantly, I tidied my Quilty Quarters, serviced all the Berninas, which I do every weekend anyway and polished the table tops. I re-covered two old ironing boards that had been given to me by the very kind caretaker of Caverswall Village Hall and they look like new again now.
Of course my clean and tidy Quilty Quarters called out to me " I'm feeling too clean and tidy, won't you come in and sew?'.... he he he.... Ta daaaaa... Another 9" block towards the border of my Portuguese tiles... table is happy, covered in dog-ears, trimmings and tossed unfolded fabric!!! perfect.....

Labels..... not my favourite thing to do, it has to be said.... this time, I stitched words onto the binding... well I have to use the alphabet on my Bernina baby some how! I will use this method again in future, that's if the quilt is to stay with me (and lets face it, most of them do!) these few words are quite sufficient. I know it's not very level, that's because I'd already stitched the binding onto the quilt before I remembered to do it... duh! next time, it will be level-er!!! ha ha ha

1 comment:

Gina said...

Great idea to stitch your label onto the binding. I'll have to try that on my next quilt

Love and hugs Gina xxx