Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Decisions, decisions... AJ (Angela that's not me) has been asked to make a Log Cabin quilt... for her Mum! She only just finished the last one, what a compliment. These are the fabrics AJ's mum likes being auditioned for their layout.....
Giggly Gillian (proud new mother of a Bernina baby) trimmed up her blocks ready for the 'togethering' of them (I really must write a new dictionary eh, he he he) She had sewn very accurately so not much was trimmed off, mainly the 'dogs ears'.... 36 blocks needed so Gillian had way too many hour glass blocks... she says she got carried away! No worries, we shall make Ohio Stars to put on the back.... she doesn't know that yet though .....
Dotty Maureen is being very creative of late. First the secret project that I've been avoiding posting about, now this.... yellow and grey.. what could it be? I am not going to tell you!
AJ made the final decision about the block layout, made a test block, loved it, cut loads of strips and proceeded to chain piece the 24 blocks. I would put money on it that they will be finished by now... she doesn't mess about once she's decided what to do!
Gillian's blocks, 18 hour glass and 18 chunkies, all 'togethered' (my spell check doesn't get it! ha ha ha). We ran up to The Craft Locker to choose great border fabric, Simone gives discount to my students, what a lovely lady she is! Inspired by this quilt, Jenni also started making chunky blocks, I'll get pictures next week....
This is what Dotty Maureen was making, can you see what it is yet? I'll give you a clue, it is going to be used to make a picture quilt bigger, she laid them out and we thought it looked wonderful. You will be able to see it at the NEC show in August!

We meet again next Tuesday, 22nd June, 10am to 3pm, and there is a table availabubble!, you want to come?

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