Friday, 25 June 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Shirley Lerly and Brenda Barbara made my morning. They both came swanning into the room with their lovely bags full of quilty supplies.... With huge smiles... perfect for a quilty meeting!!

Dotty Maureen proudly showed off the two quilts that we had been working on with the Rocheberie quilters last week, the ones for the injured servicemen/women... remember? And the ladies looking on were so impressed by how fabulous a few shirt squares look once stitched together..... We were 12 again this time, such a fun, party-like atmosphere!

Helen finished quilting her cushion front. She used the stitching to embellish this fat cat then trimmed him up and made the back of the cushion... we ran out of time to completely finish him though......

This is Lauren quilting her very own Rail Fence table runner with Maid Marion studying intensely over her shoulder.... she wants to learn everything that anyone knows about quilting, she has been quilting for 4 years already and is still hungry for more! wooohooo.

You must have noticed that I have very few pictures to show to you, I do apologise, we have so much fun in our new quilt cave and I flit about all over the place helping and talking and, and, and... I forget to take pictures.... My Mum came to play and picked up the camera which is a good thing otherwise this post would have been far too wordy! Anyway, this is Shirley Lerly and me myself, discussing our plan for her borders, don't tell me you didn't spot that she matched her quilt perfectly.... !

We had visits during the day from many ladies making enquiries about Caverswall Quilt Cave Quilty days.... It looks like they will be joining us in the near future.... so, I have decided to organise Wednesday meetings, very soon, I have been asked to do an alternate day to Fridays before, but now, tis a plan!
Let me know if you would be interested in patchwork & quilting on Wednesdays, same formula... 10am - 3pm, fun, fun, fun.

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Gina said...

looks a busy time and I love the cat

Love and hugs Gina xxx