Friday, 11 June 2010

Quilt Quarters

I did fiddle with the corners for a while, 'twas a little tricky trying to get the fence to go all the way round... well, I only tried it on one corner actually... didn't like it, so decided to fill the corners with bloom!! he he he , much easier to do too. So, after cleaning the living room floor...which led to the whole room getting a cat lick! he he he... the sandwich was made, as you see... this quilt is growing on me now... (in a non-triffid way, ha ha ha) even though it isn't really my 'cup of tea' ....must be having a coffee day eh! ha ha ha
Time to tidy up my Quilty Quarters... I do make a fabulous, and very colourful mess when I'm being creative!
Tidying up my cutting table uncovered the Portuguese Tiles I was working on. Two blocks made and two cut out ready to stitch... I'd pushed them to a corner of the table the day I purchased the flowery fabric... so, I shall piece a few more blocks for that quilt whilst I decide how to quilt the Summer Garden, though the fence border already has a plan and the thread... just need to decide about the centre, garden bit.... probably something very swirly.....

It's Caverswall Quilt Cave today... 10am - 3pm. I love this new room, We're so lucky to be able to use it.... and we do use every inch of it!

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