Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tuesday Class

Giggly Gillian was piecing her backing fabrics together. Top of this photo... She's going to quilt a large quilt using the apartment method with 6 separate pieces and join them together with sashing. It's going to be bright!
See the Batik fabrics at the bottom of the picture?...
Lovely Lyn had started to make blocks for a project and because they hadn't worked out quite as she had planned, they were only too small, she was ready to throw them to the unmentionable container!! See the checker-board blocks... those squares were meant for making more Ohio Stars, at least they had escaped the 'unmentionable container'...  But Lyn had decided it was turning out to be dull and she was not enjoying making this project at all. It's a gift and we always want our gifts to be extra special don't we... Angel to the rescue... toot toot toot... if your blocks turn out way too small for your plan... set them on point and surround them with triangles... let them float up to the correct size... add a second block.. in this case the checker-board blocks and voila!!! a stunning quilt will be made... the gorgeous batik pink brightens it all up... some centres of blocks were too small so we added a tiny border of green to make them the correct size... no-one will ever know... you won't tell will you???
Remember what Jenny Bowker says... if you make a mistake... repeat it and call it the pattern!!!


Dottymo said...

Golly Gilly, the photo does not do your beautiful and bright colours any justice.
If you think they are too dull please pass them on.

Annabelle said...

I love the tip from Jenny Bowker. Thanks for that!