Tuesday 9 March 2010

Alton Quilters

Yesterday the Alton ladies met again. They mostly do hand stitching, in the middle there, is Liz, she is working on her toothbrush rug. Maxine, in blue, is organising blocks for a charity project, the others are hand stitching though.... the empty space is........
..... Clare, I took in an Aurora baby for the group to play with, so once Jenny finished her free motion practice, Clare asked me to show her how to make crumb blocks, she, like the old me (he he he, I am trying to stop!) saves every tiny bit of fabric and crumb quilts are the perfect way to use them.... she was thrilled with the results and I suspect more crumbs will come to the next meeting... when I will take 2 Aurora babies... we don't want any fighting over who's turn it is now do we! he he he

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