Wednesday 17 March 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Group

Bottoms up! We couldn't use the banquet room for Jenni's sandwich, some inconsiderate person had booked it for a fancy lunch..... so we had to use the pilates method... floor exercise! It takes skill not to pin the whole thing to the carpet, he he he.
It didn't take too long though and soon Jenni joined Gillian in quilty corner. Both ladies were using the walking foot to do shadow quilting... they were ever so quiet, except for the odd groan about the weight of the quilts, no pain, no gain ladies!!! ... well, that's how it feels sometimes doesn't it.
Dotty Maureen started a very interesting new project... tiny Bargello to start, then cut it up to use for applique musical notes? I'll show you the end result soon, she works so fast, it will be finished in a day or so...
Messy Maureen has been using a new Janome machine, it's a 6260 QC. Bambers sent it for Maureen to try out and she is very happy with it so far. She's decided to work on her accuracy and used more pins than usual...the results were very good...
Messy Maureen's blocks will, eventually, make a cover for a bean bag cube. They are only 12" so we will need to add borders, I think they need to be 17" / 18" or so.

Angela was with us too. She cut her strips and sewed them into the strip sets for a Rail Fence table runner.
The sun was blazing in through all of the windows for most of the day, which was lovely BUT most of my photos were rubbish because of it, all dark and very hard to see anything, very frustrating!

We meet again next Tuesday, 23rd March, there's one place still available, can I tempt you?

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