Monday 8 March 2010

Quilters Day

I'm a member of the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles and I live within region 11, which is huge! It covers the counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and West Midlands. You don't have to be a guild member to attend most of the events but there is a good discount on the entrance fee if you are.
On Saturday, 6th, I went to a Quilters' Day in Wollaston, Stourbridge. This is the first time I have been to one of these events, it was VERY good. There were shops, of course... the ladies from Cookes Quilting were lovely and very helpful, that's Dotty Maureen with her first of many purchases of the day......
I spent all of my pocket money on the Asding
stand, King Tut variegated threads..... 6 of them, that's £30, a lot of money maybe but so easy to quilt with and therefore well worth it! The thing about most quilters is that they treat everyone like good friends.... it doesn't matter who you chat with, it's like you have been friends for years... and boy, do I love to chat! he he he
I chatted for England actually, I took plenty of photos but lots of them had ladies on who didn't know I was using them for my blog so I best not post those.
This is Katharine Guerrier's stand, I love her quilts, she looks a bit serious here but she wasn't really. This is the lady who's book got Joan the Shop into quilting, Scrap Quilt Sensation, the quilts you see here are in the book and on my very long list of quilts to make..... I bought these from Katharine, she calls them greeting cards but for me they are mini-quilt masterpieces! I shall have a go at making something similar soon, I do also have her DVD of postcards and mini quilts, so I have no excuse really!
At 2pm everything stopped for the guest speaker, Philippa Naylor... WOW, that was fantastic! What a fun, down to earth lady she is. ... no pictures, I was listening so very goodly and forgot! ha ha ha

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