Thursday 4 March 2010

Very Important News Flash

Quilts In The garden 2010 has had to be relocated!!! Click here to read all about it and why.....
It's going to be in UTTOXETER!!!! at the race course.
I am very sorry that the plans have had to change, so much effort and work goes into these grand affairs...
but UTTOXETER!!!!! My ladies, and my guy of course, mustn't forget my guy.... will have to go now, tis on their doorstep for goodness sakes!
Spread the news please, it is such a lovely exhibition and it needs your support!

I will be there working behind the scenes some time and wearing white gloves other times, a Quilt Angel, me a Quilt Angel... if ever there was a true role for me in life... this could be it! ha ha ha

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