Sunday 7 March 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Jenni's Log Cabin quilt centre is complete now and her Saw Tooth blocks are almost done, it's quite a mind game keeping all the triangles the right way up, it's too easy to flip the block unconsciously and stitch the wrong sides together.... Jenni discovered how frustrating it can be but at the same time, she proved how much stamina she has, he he he!
Maureen made these blocks at home and brought them in to get help with piecing them together, all the blue Batik fabric was a Jelly Roll bought from The Fabric Guild when we went a few weeks ago, don't they look fabulous? The sashing made the whole top look too busy until we decided to add the white corner stones.....
This is the end result... Maureen also found that her accuracy improved with the use of a 'pig' (I will explain 'pigs' soon Birte!) and lots of pins of course, when adding corner stones it's best to use lots of pins to get all the seams matching up very well.... dare I say ... perfectly?
Maureen has had her eye on this cute fella for a few weeks now, Heath House Farm has a lovely gift shop which we have to walk through to get to the loos (bathroom, restroom, toilet... whatever you call it) there's huge temptation in the gift shop, and you should see the flowers they sell in the garden centre... next week, I will take a picture of the biggest primula flowers I have ever seen so you can see I am telling the truth....
Maureen brought in this finished quilt top. It's a project that she has been working on with Maxine's class, there is so much tiny detail to find, from the Spanish Armada to frogs, lizard's and fish! Deciding how to quilt this might take a wee while....

Brenda was with us too, she is almost done with her quilting on the Rail Fence project and is finding it much easier to quilt now that she had more practice.... didn't your parents always tell you that "practice makes perfect"?.... Though they probably never told you exactly how much practice, the statement is proven to be true!
We will meet again next Friday at Heath House Farm, 10am to 3pm as normal, won't you join us?

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