Monday 29 March 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

The biggest advantage of only two folk in a group has to be lots of table space... at this stage being able to lay out the blocks helps enormously. Ian is sewing on their very own Bernina baby now and Liz used one of mine.
Liz's blocks all laid out before stitching together.... she decided to piece them 'row-ley' as opposed to block-ley'... did I mention that I was thinking of writing my own dictionary? tee hee
Ian's quilt top, well the centre at least... he wasn't sure he had chosen good colours.. but now he is chuffed with the result... he has to make all the saw tooth blocks for the borders next.

We meet again in three weeks time on the 18th April.
Next week, 4th, is Easter Sunday and the following week 8th to 11th, is the Quilts In The Garden (Re-Named Quilts At The Races!) show at Uttoxeter... I hope you have plans to go?

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Jody said...

Love Ian's fabric choices--and green is my favorite color--good going!