Saturday 20 March 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Joan The Shop, Brenda, Dotty Maureen, a new lady, Shirley Lerley and yours truly! A little visit from Christine, who will join us once a month, hand piecing and hand quilting. Five ladies for lunch, we will need a bigger table soon, wooohooo!
Joan The Shop trimmed her quilt, made the binding and stitched it on. She is very impressed with my method of turning corners.... did any of you try it yet? I would really like to know if you found it helpful... Joan also learned how to use sticky stuff (Under Wonder Under? Steam-a-Seam? Fast2fuse?... whatever... tis all sticky stuff to me!).. she's got a bit of surprise applique planned.
This is Shirley Lerley, our new addict (wooops) I mean new quilter.... having fun on a Bernina Aurora baby, she did bring her own machine but was missing a bit for the top, so, taa daaaaa...I came to the rescue!!! That's the strip sets ready for the Railfence... she sews really good straight lines, which helps a lot, don't you think?
Dotty Maureen's project is a secret! I know it looks like she is making 'cummerbund'... She even tried it on and it fit!... but that is not what it is, she assures us....
This is what's left of the mini bargello that she was working on at my Uttoxeter group on Tuesday, as Rolf would say.... "Do you know what it is yet?".... say it with an Australian accent for full effect! ha ha ha

We meet again in Forsbrook next Friday, 26th March 10am - 3pm

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Birte said...

Hi Angie
I tried your method of turning corners, and I must say, they look a lot better then before. It is not 100 % but practise makes perfekt.
Have a nice weekend
xxxxxxxxxxx Birte