Saturday 13 March 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Brenda is working with an old Singer sewing machine very similar to the one I used at the beginning... mine eventually died... begging for rest and retreat!! ha ha ha, poor thing... I wore it out. Brenda is one row of stitching from completing the quilting on her project... in this picture she is having great difficulty threading her needle... I suggested that she use a machine with a threader on it and offered one of my Aurora babies... she refused... says she just needs her eyes testing, he he he

Joan the Shop proved that she is worthy of her name... he he he, she started to collect lovely threads now too, see the spool of King Tut thread there towards the front of the table? I must admit... I do feel a liiiiiiiiittle responsible for that purchase, tee hee. The blocks you see there are the start of a huge quilt, of course she had to shop for more co-ordinating Batiks didn't she....

During the day, Joan quilted her Rail Fence quilt. We had to open her shop to choose which fabric would be best to use for the binding, which we will do next week. We will also make labels so the ladies have gone home to ponder what they would like to write on them.

Do you remember the first day that Joan The Shop joined us? This quilt wasn't finished then but now it is.... It's great to see such a traditional, hand pieced hexagon quilt made from rescued fabrics, all bordered with the latest batiks, rotary cut and pieced on a machine...
This is the front viewed with the back at the same time, who says we can't mix up the eras if we want to??
Last week I was telling you about the garden centre at Heath House Farm, with the biggest primula flowers I have ever seen, see in this photo... what I mean, gigantic and fresh and bright and almost best of all, inexpensive. Now I am not sure this picture shows the actual size of the flowers very well, so you will have to just believe me.

We meet again next Friday, 19th March, won't you join us?

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