Wednesday 10 March 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Group

The room was full this week, 6 ladies and we are full.... that's one whole table each, they all try hard by spreading to get two tables each though, he he he. Pretty much all were doing something different from each other.... I will have to get one of those ticket things that you find on a cheese counter, to keep everyone in turn.... "NEXT!"
Lizzy has sort of finished her Log Cabin quilt, she did 'in the ditch' quilting and decided to fill in with free motion.... but she has never tried it before. We decided that she should bind the quilt and put it to one side while we get in a little practice. So, here she is practicing her free motion quilting using the Bernina BSR and my 'free from fuel in Portugal, Galp gloves' he he he. Lizzie soon got the hang of it and did really well.... maybe she could do with some smaller gloves though eh! ha ha ha
Messy Maureen has started a new project. She needs to make 5 x 12" blocks, all different, so she was concentrating a lot!... she lived up to her name again didn't she, it is probably because the ladies weren't allowed to spread out onto a second table!
See in the corner, behind Messy Maureen...... we have a kettle now, so everyone is extra happy!
Angela did lots at home, armed with her Brother machine and a borrowed walking foot, she finished all of the quilting. We trimmed up the edges and made some extra wide binding.... just for effect!! Angela placed her machine under the table so she could have a little play on a Bernina Aurora baby... she found it very hard to get going though.... she was pressing her foot on her machine instead of the Bernina foot pedal.... I only laughed a liiiiiittle bit!!!!
Gillian did a bit of 'tweaking' on her quilt top, pieced the backing and made a quilt sandwich... with a little help from her fellow students, this is the great bit of being part of a quilt group... many hands make light work, even though it gives everyone back ache! he he he. The manageress of the hotel very kindly allowed us to use this banquet suit! We are slowly taking over the whole hotel!
Dotty Maureen's been quite creative with the quilting on her borders, she says they are rays of sunshine.... and this quilt definitely shines as brightly as any sun!... she has lots of ends to tie in now though. This quilt, like Lizzie's, is also stable enough to bind and then go back to do more quilting once Dotty decides what she wants to do.... now.... I would like to draw your attention to Dotty's new socks and shoes.... they match her quilt PERFECTLY!!... is this taking things too far?
Jenni was with us too but she escaped my camera... this time!

We meet again next Tuesday, 16th March... I'm only expecting 4 ladies, so if you would like to join us, there are two spare tables.


Birte said...

Hi Angie.
I can understand Maureen. I am kind of the same. You should see my table!!!!
I allways clear up my table when the quilt is done.
You should give Maureen a second table!!!!!
Love xxxxxxBirte

Angie said...

Oh Birte, you haven't changed a bit!!!! Messy Maureen can't have another table, they are all full now.... she's always first to pack her stuff up good and tidy though!