Wednesday 3 March 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Messy Maureen finished the quilting and added the binding to her Log Cabin quilt. We had fun trying to decide what she will write on her label, which we will make next week.
Gillian had to use two tables this week, as you can see we laid out all of her blocks because it was time to join them all, a little puzzle getting all the triangles going the right way but we had success... Gillian repeatedly mentioned how happy she was with her work! She's planning to do a scrappy quilt next.
Dotty Maureen made a large block then sandwiched and quilted it. This will be a large square ruler pocket on her new mat bag... more on that later as we are 'inventing' a pattern to share!
This is the centre of Gillian's quilt all sewn together, obviously, he he he now to add the saw tooth borders.... hopefully we will make the sandwich next week, it all depends on how much homework she gets done.
Wooohooo, we had a new lady join us. I guess she will be very much fun... because her name is Angela too!!! You just have to click on this picture (sorry it is a bit blurry)... each of the blocks has been expertly cross-stitched, it's reeeeeally lovely. So, Angela (not me) has never done patchwork before, she did a great job didn't she! She came to class to get help with the actual quilting, I hope she will return to show us the finished quilt.
This is Messy Maureen's project in full bloom, she's very proud of her work. Next week, after the label making, Maureen will be making 5 blocks to turn into a bean bag cube cover... a challenge for us all.
Dotty Maureen brought in a new little homemade friend, isn't he the cutest... this frog has a name, which I, as usual, have forgotten. His lily pad pocket holds sewing notions very nicely, and cutely (I must write a new dictionary!)
***His name is Filly Frog***

This lovely group will meet every Tuesday for the time being, these ladies just don't want to wait a fortnight between classes! ha ha ha .... makes me smile a big smile!


Birte said...

Hi Angie
I can understand that the ladies want to meet every week. Remember, when I started to come to your place in Portugal it was every other week aswell. Then it changed to every week and even more often. It was such a good time....
Hugs and love

Helen said...

Once they get the addiction, they don't want to stop. I love the frog idea. I agree with Birte it was always a laugh when we got together and I left with a good feel factor. Bjs