Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer Garden

This is not what I had in mind at all when I started to play with this fabric. I'm not sure what I was thinking actually, but I know it wasn't this.
I didn't have enough of it to get the pattern repeats I needed. This very floral, summery fabric, is not my 'normal cup of tea'. I spent way too much time auditioning border fabrics, nothing was right. At the last minute I spotted a 'good' green, me thinks 'tis a Moda.... then I had a "moment"... years ago, when I was living in Brazil actually, I acquired a pattern.... because I liked the border... the very border you see here, Picket Fence. Of course I had to root through too many papers before I found it, but I'm quite pleased that I did. Just the two long sides to go, they are very time consuming. oh, yes I do know they are not all perfectly level... I did that on purpose, it's rustic!!!

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Unknown said...

Very nice Kaleidoscope setting. I love it !