Sunday, 13 June 2010

We Road Tripped!

4 of us set of bright and early this morning to go to the Fabric Guild in Leicester. It's a blooming long drive from here. Dotty Maureen was our chauffeur for the day, she's a very good chauffeur you know. I bought a few necessary notions to add to my ever increasing 'Traveling Shop' and then a few choice fabrics, he he he. This pack was on special offer, 6 fat quarters for £6, lovely. I don't do fat quarters as a general rule.... but I made an exception for these.

I bought one metre of each of these lovelies, £3 per metre, they will be perfect for binding, I like patterned binding alot-a-lot.
This is one of the reasons I wanted to go all the way to the Fabric Guild in the first place, Clarice Cliff inspired fabrics... oooooooh. I'm from 'The Potteries' in Stoke-On-Trent so I had to buy this.

I didn't pick these fabrics to go together but when I was putting them on my table to check on what I had bought, with Dotty and her bag of goodies, I noticed that they look great together, the perfect mustardy yellow and very pleasing mucky green dots... maybe I will , maybe I won't... they're my fabrics... I can do whatever pleases me, can't I!

And this!!!! Ooooohhhh this, this is my most wanted fabric of the day/year. I have seen sneak previews of it on t'internet.... This is the reason I talked everyone into going to Leicester today... I LOVE IT..... love the colours, love the design, love the fact that the inspiration came from a local lady... love it totally!.... I bought the very last-est piece, the very last yard of it.... lucky eh? They can't get more. I wanted a few other Clarice Cliff inspired designs in this colourway.... alas, none left by the time we got there... shame, anyhow, I don't do 'matchy-matchy' so it doesn't matter to me. I might never ever, ever cut into this fabric and I am happy about that too! I might frame it and put it on my wall... I might snuggle it in bed.... did I tell you that I love it! ha ha ha

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I haven't been to the fabric guild for wallet just can't take it!! :o) Great place and well worth the trip especially if you go with friends.