Saturday, 3 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

We had a new lady join us.... my Mum!!!! She's been coming along to our Caverswall Quilt Cave to help me out and as we weren't too busy this meeting she decided to have a go at the Rail Fence table runner... she did ever so well, got all the strip sets done, cut them into blocks then accurately stitched them into the rows..... she has a little bit of homework to do.... and by next week the centre should be finished... no pressure Mummy!.
Shirley Lerly's been shopping... these fabulous colours will be made into a Pineapple Blossom sofa throw. Lerly made a good start, cut loads of 2" strips of yellows and lots of 3 1/2" squares of stunning pinks and made up one test block... this is a very clever pattern, one of my favourites. I'm sure there will be lots of blocks to see by next Friday...
Brenda/Barbara needed 18 x hour glass blocks for her Chunky Churndash sofa throw, By cutting very carefully Brenda had juuuuuust enough fabric... phew.... that was lucky!
She played with a Bernina baby all day too... they bonded so well!!! he he he

Dotty Maureen was with us but she is working on something quite special so I will post separately about that very soon......

Caverswall Quilt Cave will be open next WEDNESDAY 10am - 3pm... would you like to treat yourself to a full day of stitchy/quilty fun???
Remember my brilliant idea too..... if you have quilts needing to be made into sandwiches...., just let me know and I can put out tables for you....
Any questions???

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