Saturday, 24 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

From one extreme to the other... 16 of us in the Quilt Cave this time... everyone working on different projects. In no particular order here goes....
Annie played about with the layout of her Log Cabin blocks, then put them to one side... made her quilt sandwich and set to, quilting it, pretty pink thread on top and bright cerise pink on the back.. lovely.

Shirley had two quilts to sandwich, the blue and pink Log Cabin and this Pineapple Blossom, Gilly thought it looked so much like a stained window as it hung over the edge of the table... so this photo is taken from underneath the table, fabulous, and just like a window.
The hall for 15 minutes or so... just after the 'Mid-day Money Moment'... we were all gathered in the Lunch Lounge, laughing and giggling, we do have some characters you know!
Lauren finished her quilting, made binding, stitched it down and was horrified to discover the next step would be hand stitching, he he he. See that yellow thread she used to quilt with the pink backing fabric, love that!
Barbie Bunny is making this lap quilt as a gift, see how the fabric placement makes the rails look 3D. She finished this and added one of the 3 borders by the end of our day.
Joan The Shop got on very well with her newly discovered 'chain piecing', she finished all the stars in less than half the time of the first Peppa Pig quilt... she is working on the finishing touches now....
This is the first applique, Peppa Pig herself.. there's going to be butterflies and flowers and lots of Peppa's friends, all appliqued around the borders... maybe for next week?? ha ha ha
Laura machine stitched the border onto her Rail Fence quilt and left the hand stitching to be done at home. She couldn't wait to get started on this project. Rachel, her mum was cutting blocks to order while Laura sorted out the design, remember , she is only 14!
One of our new ladies... Margaret, was using a mixture of fabrics for her first project... and doesn't it look rich and luxurious? The centre fabric is silk, great colours... I think she is already bitten with the addiction, her satisfied smile told it all!! ha ha ha
Maid Marian has almost finished her Mat & Ruler bag, she'd done some fab quilting on the ruler pockets. During the day she stitched them to the bag, front and back with thin binding. The handles were carefully placed and stitched on.... just the two sides to stitch together now and she's done. Next Friday she will have moved into the new bag so she will have no excuse for forgetting her mat.... he he he
Helen did a fabulous job on this applique, I had to look really close to believe it was stitched as I thought she had drawn it! See the staff... that is done by hand, after struggling to get the machine to play nice with the metalic thread.... I am sooo impressed with this work, no pattern... all Helen's very own work... she must have an 'arty farty streak', don't you think?
Kate is one of our new ladies, though she is not a beginner, not at all. She is making a Big Quilted Panel Bag. It needs to have the handles made stronger, probably with webbing, because it's going to carry her sewing machine... Fun fabric! To line the bag, Kate has used some left over curtain lining, so far it is working a treat and has us all waiting to see the end result.
Gilly added her borders, pieced some wadding and made her sandwich. She's ready for quilting and will start it on Wednesday next week.
Another new lady, this is one of Maid Marian's friends... Pauline, she's never tried patchwork before but thoroughly enjoyed it. She brought in lots of funny shaped scraps that had been given to her previously so we couldn't cut strips for the Rail Fence... no problem, these 3 1/2" squares will be quilted next week and Pauline will start the Railfence too, because she wants to.
I think this is funny, she has just finished the largest quilt made so far in this club's history (which is only 6 months!) and now she makes the smallest! This is a dolly quilt.. a perfect size for practicing your free motion... this one was not sent to the long arm lady, Joan The Shop did it all by her very own self!
This is also Joan's work. She was shopping for her grand daughter, saw the price of a little patchwork dress and thought " I'm not paying that, I bet I could make one" ... so, after many, many hours, she now appreciates why it cost so much money to buy one, ready made, in the shop! I should mention that this is the second one, Joan has lots of little kiddies round her.. great grandkiddies too, and they all want one!

What a loooooong post... and I haven't even mentioned everyone!


Dottymo said...

While the cats away the mice did play.

hetty said...

I cant possably wait till Friday to get my quilt fix so Im going to cram my revision so I can have wednesday off !!! Hee hee xxx

Kyra said...

What a cute little dress (last photo). Love the bird pockets!