Sunday, 4 July 2010

Quilty Quarters

I spent most of Saturday in my Quilty Quarters... Sometimes you just have to turn your back on the housework and decide not to do it! It's not like it won't be there the next day is it?
It's soooo much fun rooting round in my little stash, choosing fabrics for a project with no real end plan
This is one layout idea.. Scrappy Bento Box, see that weird green tiny floral fabric.... I have it in every colour! Why???? Because I was a beginner and thought I needed them all... they're Brazilian fabrics... I've used them all in one quilt and another... they don't seem to want to run out! The Scrappy Bento Box is great for practicing free motion quilting with an all over design .... with a beautiful variegated thread..... lovely.
I need to have some hand stitching ready for this coming Saturday... I don't do hand stitching if I can help it... so, the plan is to be stitching down the binding!! better get on with it I think, it's a tall order but .... if I just keep my back turned on the chores... there's a good chance I will make it! ha ha ha

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Gina said...

Like the scrap bento box. I used a fancy stitch on my machine when I quilted one. I just quilted in the major seam lines.
What's wrong with hand stitching? I enjoy abit of hand quilting now and again.

Love and hugs Gina xxx