Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

A busy and productive Wednesday in the Quilt Cave.... Helen has finished her wall hanging top, woooohooooo... click on the picture and have a closer look... See the writing in the banner 'St. Augustine's'... Helen did that with the darning foot and free motion!!! she has never done it before... (granted, she didn't breath much while she did it!! he he he) isn't it brilliant? This picture was taken as she was making her sandwich, even the safety pins co-ordinate perfectly!
Joan The Shop had us in stitches laughing, she continued adding the applique characters from Peppa Pig, but she kept losing legs and shoes and the odd eye... oh.... you really had to be there to hear Joan's despair, ha ha ha ha.
Irene couldn't resist joining us, the tables won her over. She's had this quilt ready for a sandwich for years but couldn't face the thought of 'the floor' he he he. She got in some funny positions on top of the 6 tables so that she could reach the middle but refused to allow pictures of her up there... 'tis done now and ready to quilt.
This was Laura's first time so it's a Rail Fence quilt in the making. Red dotty fabric with white-ish cream and denim... the denim was a pair of her dad's jeans, but he doesn't know yet!
I hope he doesn't read this... what are the chances?
Jenny (my fun partner in crime with kettle corner at at SPQ) is doing a mystery quilt... not your ordinary mystery where you don't know what you will make until you've made it... the mystery in this case?... Jenny started this quilt over 4 years ago and has forgotten, not only how to do it but also, what it should look like!... tee hee
Irene, on the other hand is doing a real live mystery, you can see it
here..It's finished now but you could still follow the stages. Irene had to decide which setting she liked best... sooooo many to chose from... I think this was the final choice.
Gilly worked on her quilting, tying off the ends and listening to the 'pop' as the knot 'plips' into the fabric... I love that sound, don't you?
Jenny and Irene, with the help of Shirley Lerly, spent ages trying to decide on a setting for this 'special' mystery quilt... I am not sure anything won, but that was not through lack of trying... this looks good but I am quite sure it didn't win.
This is also one of Irene's projects, wow she is going to get good use out of our tables. Three projects all almost finished...
It seems like lots of people are put off from making bigger quilts just because of making (or rather, not making of) the sandwiches... I feel like I'm coming to the rescue of the big quilt!!! ha ha ha
Shirley Lerly quilted the final diagonal lines on her Pineapple Blossom quilt centre. This quilt is a gift and it needs to be finished... like, yesterday. Just the borders to go now so it is quite 'do-abubble', go for it Lerly!
That's all for this time. We meet again in Caverswall Village Hall on Friday, 30th, 10am - 3pm, if we remember to look at the clock! Kettle Corner will be open if you would like to visit and if it's anything like last week, it'll be a very busy kettle! he he he

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