Thursday, 22 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop had the wonderful hall and yours truly all to her very own self for the whole day!! She was doing a happy dance when she finally stitched the last seam of this backing. Now this mammoth project (100" square) will be delivered to a long arm quilter and Joan can work on a smaller project... for a while... she has another big one planned to be started very soon.
Joan wants a quilted cover for her sewing machine (not to keep it warm either, her poor machine never stops working! ha ha ha) We decided to make a Big Quilted Panel Bag without the handles, brilliant!!... turn it upside-down and hey ho a sewing machine cover! These small pieces are great for practicing your free motion quilting or your walking foot skills. If you click on the picture you will see that Joan was practicing long ribbons and champagne bubbles.... We will trim up the pieces and finish this cover on Friday... Joan doesn't quite understand what I mean by a 'Y' seam so I will do a short demo to help her... everything is easier to understand when you see it happen before your very own eyes, don't you think?

Wednesday numbers are a big contrast to Fridays in the Caverswall Quilt Cave, this next Friday, 23rd, I have some more new ladies coming... we will be full to bursting at this rate, we can only accommodate 30 Quilters!! he he he.... Wooohooo! lots of quilty people playing together for a whole day of stitchy fun! Kettle Corner will be extra busy too!
Keep this in mind ladies (and gents) if you need extra help with your project, fewer people come on Wednesday... at least for now anyway... remember this post?

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