Friday, 9 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Another busy, busy, fun day in the Caverswall Quilt Cave, I don't have photos of every one's work, hey ho.... This is Barbie trimming up her quilt ready to add the binding.
This is Lauren quilting, she had a problem with a burning smell coming from the machine... but after removing the bulb, all was well, there must be a little problem in the wiring eh... She's quilting with pink thread and it looks fabulous!
Helen has her third... yes I am not mistaken, her third project all planned. I know I only just told you that she started number two, a 24" wall hanging... number three will be a 75" square sampler!! Here's the plan and the book she will choose the blocks from.
Annie was telling me that she only joined us because Barbie had persuaded her to come.... he he he... she LOVES it now!!! she is so proud of her quilt, and so she should be, she's done a great job!
Shirley Lerly came with all of her pineapple blocks finished, didn't I tell you she would... don't they just look fab too? You can just see the tape measure in the top left there, we were calculating to see whether there was enough of this lovely floral to use as the sashing, there's plenty, wooohoooo!

Joan The Shop, pinning the very lastest border strip on her 94" square quilt top... Joan is also working on another Peppa Pig quilt, a bit smaller than this though.... This is Joan's back... well... I know it isn't Joan's back... what I mean is... this is the back of Joan's quilt.. ha ha ha... I know ... you knew that, but it made me giggle at the time! ha ha ha
Annie stitching on the binding, she did a very good job of the corners. Annie has been buying fabrics ready for her next project, I think it will be a log cabin but she has a week to think about it yet.
I explained about labels too, so that is another thing for her to think about... a thinky week then eh!

We had another new lady join us, Gill, she only popped in to see what we were doing,... stayed for the day and made strip sets for a Rail Fence table runner.... she will be back next week too.
Messy Maureen, Dotty Maureen, my Mum, Brenda Barbara, Gloria, Maid Marian... all there too... it was another fun day.

The next All Day Sewing days will be on Wednesday 14th & Friday 16th July, 10am - 3pm


Gina said...

What great work your ladies have done. I love the quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

...... and after reading your "report" I feel as if I was also there!!! Everyone is doing so well with their projects!! I wish I could be part of your group --- oh well, I can be a "distant" member perhaps??? I love all of the quilts! how lovely to have a wonderful group to spend the day with!

On my sewing front, I mucked up putting the binding on my Brights Baby Quilt and will explain further in my next post on my blog, but the message here is.... don't change how you do something if it always works!! I've since washed and dried the quilt and I feel okay about it now but was really annoyed with myself at first! I'm sure the little baby won't notice!!

Have a great day!

Happy Sewing!!