Saturday, 17 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

This is Gill's Railfence 'table runner', 'table topper', 'table mat'... whatever you want to call them, they are still small quilts that are brilliant for beginners to learn the basics... there are a lot of basics..... next week she will add borders and make a quilt sandwich.
Brenda/Barbara needed extra space because all of her blocks are now complete. She wanted to spread them out to get the design just right.... this lady knows how to spread out! he he he
Joan The Shop has been coming to terms with 'chain piecing'... it's not so easy at first but once you master it... wow you can speed along. These will be the star blocks for the centre of Peppa Pig #2, each star is a different fabric so Joan had to watch carefully to get each 'bit' stitched to the right 'bits'.... don''t worry, I know what I mean!
Helen finished her wall hanging background, all 2 1/2" squares. Later she prepared the applique for the centre, it's a school plaque design.... you'll see it soon... it's an open book with a crook through the middle... could be a cane ! ooooer missis, I hope not!
Maid Marion got all the pieces cut out, stitched and the tops turned over and stitched ready for quilting... these will be the pieces for the Mat & Ruler bag, instructions for which are over on the side bar of this blog. Marions fabrics were a bargain find in a charity shop.
Barbie Bunny has finally stitched on the binding to this quilt. She likes things to be perfect so insists on un-stitching bits that would be just fine... like the mitres on the binding strips.... she'll learn... he he he. By the end of the day she had more strip sets made for another Railfence lap quilt... they are much easier second time round....
Which is what Annie found out when she challenged herself to make a second one. Everything you learn on the first one makes perfect sense, even the ironing!! She took home the batting/wadding and will be making the sandwich solo!... could be a finished quilt for next Friday?
Laura was back with us after her holidays. She added borders, pieced the backing and made her sandwich. She finished all the quilting and prepared the binding... she's only 14!.... she doesn't chatter as much as the rest of us, he he he ...
.... and this is Laura's Mum Rachel, also back from holidays, obviously eh! She finished borders and made her sandwich, did loads of quilting and then continued to add embellishing with a few fancy stitches.

Dotty Maureen made more 4 1/2" Dear Jane blocks, it really works you know... she was ever so quiet again.... her work table looked like those that Messy Maureen is famous for! he he he

My Mum, Gwynneth, also finished her small quilt top, pieced the backing, made a sandwich and started on her quilting... it's looking great. She is considering a second project!

Phew... what a lot to remember.... 'Twas quite a day for the good old Railfence design. The beginners are no longer... they are now Quilters, and most have already joined the ranks of the addicted, how terrible NOT!!!! he he he.


Maggi said...

They are a productive group of ladies. Do you think there's a group called Quilters Anonymous to help people deal with their addiction?

Angie said...

Oh no Maggie, they don't need it, I help them you see... to stay addicted that is... you know what they say... quilting is much cheaper than therapy! wooohooo