Friday, 2 July 2010

Quilty Quarters

These are a few (only a few!) of my 'small pieces', some of you might consider them scraps but for me a scrap is less than about 5"... these drawers contain some 'uglies', to be fair, there are lots of 'uglies'....
Anyway, I cut 36 x 5" squares with a quilt in mind, it might not be the quilt I finally make but, hey ho... tis the planned one for now, it's my fabric and I will please myself, thank you... ha ha ha!!
Of course, now my drawer of 2 1/2" strips is full again. I might as well continue 'stripping my uglies'... they don't look as ugly in smaller pieces!
This is a theory I learned from Bonnie over at quiltville.

It's All Day Sewing in our Caverswall Quilt Cave (10am - 3pm) today, so I had better get going... will I see you there?

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