Saturday, 10 July 2010

A Quilty Day Out

We spent the day with the Rocheberie School House Quilters again. They are lovely ladies you know. It is an awfully long way to go but it is sooooo worth it once you get there... 77 miles each way actually!.... We spent the morning chatting and stitching, maybe more chatting than stitching actually... but we did chat about stitching!! ha ha ha

I was chatting to one lovely lady who was making the tiniest projects.... this is all hand pieced, I think (memory blip!) that is was done with paper piecing, each piece was soooo small...
You can get a better idea exactly how small in this picture ... That is a real 50 pence piece!!! each of those hexagons is smaller than the coin and just look at that teeeenie tiny block...
Jill had a really cute quilted bag full of goodies, books and fabrics bought from the bring and buy table, that's a brilliant idea, don't you think? People bring in unwanted fabrics, books, rulers etc., put a price on them and after a deduction of 10% for the group funds (I think?) you get your money... brilliant! One quilter's unwanted is another quilters' perfect buy! happy, happy.... all round
This was the first quilt for the show and tell bit... the oooooooo and arrrrrrrr bit! During the morning the ladies put their quilts for show on a pile, near the stage
Then the "models" hold up the quilts in turn and the owners stand and tell us a little bit about their work. There are some funny stories too.
I really like this one. The lady who made it is donating it to a charity fund raising event this next coming weekend... I would have bought a raffle ticket for this one, it is such a fun quilt.... I love the sunflower, don't you?
... and this black and red one... Lovely! I have tried, but I can't remember the story with it... if anyone can remind me I will update this info... sorry... but it is fabulous eh!
This made from a Jelly Roll plus the border fabric. As you might know already, I am not a fan of the Jelly Rolls, I prefer to co-ordinate 2 1/2" strips from my own stash, but some ladies love them... I can see why with this quilt top.
The lady who made this quilt told us that it had been made for someones 25th Wedding anniversary. The quilt binding had been finished today, wooo hoooo, the couple for whom the quilt was made will actually celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary NEXT WEEK! ha ha ha... better late than never eh... this story did cause a good outburst of laughter.

There were loads of quilts to see and I did take pictures, they must have blurred with the heat in the car on the way home... tee hee!
The speaker for the Quilty Day was Pat Archibald , I have pictures and I will post them tomorrow.. you can't have too much excitement in one go! he he he

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

WOW- you are quick! It was a lovely day and it was great to catch up with you again. Your info about the sales table is correct...I'm always amazed at how popular the sales table is!