Saturday, 3 July 2010

A Sad Story

About two months ago a lady popped into the Caverswall Quilt Cave with a very sad story. She told me that her mother, Brenda Russel, had been a very keen quilter but had suffered a very bad stroke last year and was now unable to do any stitching at all.
Thankfully Mrs. Russel doesn't actually know or remember that she was a quilter. I know that sounds terrible, but I imagine it would have been such a very cruel thing to have remembered what she loved to do whilst being unable to actually sew... anyway, her daughter asked me whether I would be able to help her sell her mothers quilting and stitching supplies. Of course I would do anything to help a fellow quilter, even though we had never met....
It was quite traumatic sorting through all her boxes though... little messages jotted down on scraps of paper etc. I did sort it and I have been taking it all along to quilty meetings, labelled and priced. There's not so much left now but I shall continue until everything has a new home.

There were a few UFO's too. One of which I will quilt and give back to Mrs. Russel, it still needs a bit of work on the top just yet though.
There was a bag of hexagons too, this is where Dotty came in..... she had looked at the large bag a few times... one week she decided to buy it and to continue making more hexagons... whilst watching Wimbledon! As you can see, there are many different sizes, some tiny, but it is quite special to see Mrs. Russel's work being continued.
I will post more pictures soon.
I'm sure there is a lesson for us here... hmmmmmmm
I am off to sew and hopefully use up some of my stash.... right now!

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