Monday, 19 July 2010

Quilty Quarters

I'm quilting my Scrappy Bento Box quilt... done about one third of it actually. I could have done more... but I played in the Quilty Quarters for a while before I got started. I made binding and stitched it to a quilt belonging to one of the Alton ladies, that should earn some Brownie points for me. I did this week's part of our Round Robin too. All 7 of the Berninas got cleaned and oiled, new needles at the ready, all have full bobbins too!!
It takes a while to do all that BUT... I used up loads of time on something else.... a white board!
Yes, I cleaned up an old white board, found a green pen that still had a little 'juice' left in it and sat doodling quilting designs... the daft thing is.... I'm still quilting using the original idea! Waste of time?... no, it was fun actually.


Maggi said...

And the doodled ones will come in handy for a future project no doubt. Lovely scrappy quilt.

Dottymo said...

great day Saturday my new treadle is fantastic. Love the quilt colours so enspiring. Have fun.