Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lilly Pots @ Angie Quilts

Elizabeth is not, and has never been, interested in patchwork, of course she loves the few I've made for her, the ones given as gifts and the many dotted around our home (believe me there are quite a few...) but they never inspired her to stitch anything. She loves to paint and to draw. For the last few days she's had her head stuck in my quilting books... made my heart skip, he he he. She was sketching and colouring for hours on end.
I present..... one of the first 'Lilly Pots'..... This particular mug is a 'large latte', I think they are fabulous, I would be so thrilled to own one of these.... (oh... I already do! ha ha ha) I'm rather bias, understandabubble isn't it, I'm her Mum. We've sold two mugs already... wooohooo.... to people we know, I expect they just wanted to help...bless em! .... he he he.
What do you think? Should Lilly continue to paint these mugs?


Helen in the UK said...

The quilty mugs are such a great idea, hope Lilly does well with them :)

AlmaRosa said...

These mugs are fabulous.... too bad we are in a different continent!
please congratulate Lily for me